Friday, February 25, 2011

Help and Support for Firewall!

My name is Emy. I am a school teacher who is in love with her profession. Teaching small kids is a very great feeling and I am experiencing it to the core. My students are small kids ranging between the ages 4-5 years. I love them a lot and take that extra pain to teach them with dedication. To make the classroom more interesting, I taught them with pictures and images of various trees, animals, reptiles, etc. collected from the Internet. Daily after going back to my home, I do some research on the Internet and find out some interesting pictures and get them printed for the next day class. Thanks to my Dell Studio which I bought one year ago.

One day, as I was downloading some pictures from the Internet, one of my friends visited my place. When she came to know about my idea, she was very happy and gave a pat on my shoulder. However, she cautioned me that if the firewall was not configured properly in my laptop, the laptop could become infected by various threats. She opened my firewall settings and tried to configure it herself but then gave up as she was not so confident. She told me that it was always wise to let an experienced technician to configure the firewall in Windows 7. When I enquired her as how to find an experienced technician, she gave me the phone number of this tech-support company and added that she had talked to the technicians in this company a couple of times before and the tech guys were wonderful.

By the time my friend had left my place, I was already a bit worried and anxious about the fate of my Dell laptop. I did not want to get it infected by any threats and also in the mean time I wanted to download pictures from the Internet without any fear of infection. I did not wait any longer and dialed the number given by my friend. A guy at the other end picked the phone and I told him about all my concerns and also said that I wanted firewall help immediately. I was distressed and he could empathize it quite well. Within minutes he connected to my laptop through remote assistance and got my firewall configuration done. He assured me that they were available 24/7 and I could reach them any time in the future if any firewall help was required.

I am delighted. I no longer need to fear about Internet threats while downloading pictures for my kids!

Thank you for the help and support for firewall…..Thanks!!….Thanks again!!!!


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sesilia qammar said...

its nice post about the security thanks for providing such useful information actually there should be proper councling about the Security Course it provides a better security tricks along with to brighten someone's career.....

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